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SEO Tactics: Page Titles Really Do Matter

by Laura Thieme

Trying to improve your SEO / organic search visibility in Google and Bing? If you could just do three things, what would those be, right now?

Note improvements in SEO with Bizwatch

Determine Best Keywords & Note SEO Improvements with Bizwatch

1) Change Your Page Titles to include Keywords that Really Matter for SEO

How do you know which keywords to change them to? How do you know if these pages are already ranked for keywords that drive traffic and leads, currently and/or historically?  That’s the hard part.  Most change their page titles to the wrong thing, or just don’t have any outside assistance on what those keywords should be on a per-page basis.

Look at the graph above.  We noted that their organic ranking was slipping.  So we recommended, based on Bizwatch Keyword Discovery, performance data, and trend analysis, to make a minor home page title update.

As of today, when the updated Bizwatch ranking report ran, we can see they moved from the 2nd page, where they were stuck for a few months, to the 1st page.

Now, the Bizwatch customer will need to do a little more to move to the top 3 search results, but this is a great start with little work or effort by client or search marketer.

2) Order a Bizwatch Keyword Discovery & SEO Ranking Benchmark Report

If you order a Bizwatch keyword discovery report for 50, 100 or 250 keywords, we can pull basic rankings in Google & Bing, keyword discovery aka search volume data from 3rd party tools (good for getting data in addition to Google), and see what your competitors are ranked for.

Then, you’ll see in descending search volume order, which keywords you should focus on, whether or not you had traffic (in Bizwatch Silver, Gold, Platinum) in the last month on those terms, and whether certain pages are already ranked.

You can even compare organic vs paid search volume if it’s Bizwatch Platinum data and get a consult on which of these keywords to focus on.

3) Once you have your Bizwatch Keyword Discovery report that shows a complete look at which keywords you should focus on, based on predictive data as well as actual performance data, then you can determine how to change your page titles.

How long will it take to see improvements in your SEO search results?

Depends on how far away that page is from Google’s daily robots. If you have this page linked in the main navigation, and in your global footer, it should take 5-7 calendar days to get Google to come back around and update its index, and thus, your ranking.

But expect 2-4 weeks to pass before you see your SEO organic search ranking finally jump from the 2nd to 1st page. After you have determined your initial jump, you can start tracking whether or not that keyword phrase is sending you traffic, and if enough, to convert to leads/transactions.

Consider ordering a one-time report from Bizwatch to see how your site is doing right now.  Get the help you need to figure out what those page titles should be.  It’s more specific than you often realize, which is why we’re here to help.  If you are an ecommerce site, or a medium-sized website, you should order the Platinum for 250 keywords.

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