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          4. Excellent Quality Accomplishing The Future

            Shanghai Yongde Food Machinery Co., LTD., along with Ningbo Xiangshan Food Equipment Factory, is a well-known enterprise in food, beverage and machinery industries. It is famous for producing dairy and botanic protein beverage sterilization equipments and storage tanks. As an excellent project service and processing technique supplier in fluid equipments, it owns the leading technique. Since its establishment, the company has setup its international standard, that is, closely watching our services and exchange opinions with customers, trying to get clients most widely through the factory and its project design force, and maintaining products quality. The enterprise has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system verification and won the title of “Ningbo Export Products Quality Inspe-ction-free Enterprise”. According to customers' special demands, we bring forth the most constructive and individual services for the whole factory and design plans for their production lines.