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            • Pressure Storage Tank/ Horizontal Storage Tank

              The equipment is mainly applicable for the storage of raw chemical material and compressed air in petroleum and chemical industry. It is made of carbon steel or SUS304. The exterior surface adopts painting or sanding and semi-luster polishing. The volume, orientation and diameter of pipe mouth can be designed and manufactured according to customers' requirements.

              Different kinds of horizontal storage tanks can be used to store liquids with special requirements and are also applicable to vehicle carrier, static electricity proof carrier and overheating carrier. They are heat-retaining or non-heat-retaining. The tanks can be designed and manufactured at customers' request. Moreover, they are equipped with different meters and joints.

              Main technical parameters:

              Parameters Mouth of pipe a b c d e f g h
              YLG18-1400-5 50 25 40 20 20 50 150 /
              YLG18-1400-10 50 40 40 40 20 80 150 M272
              Usage Inlet of liquid Outlet of liquid Mouth of gas Mouth of residual liquid Mouth of pressure meter Mouth of safety valve Mouth of liquid level meter Mouth of thermometer

              Model Nominal volume Nominal diameter Length of tank body H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8 L A/B
              YLG18-1400-5 5 1400 2700 2000 350 3504 1000 1350 170 200 840 170/1000
              YLG18-1400-10 10 1600 4480 3680 400 5384 1220 1200 200 300 960 200/1120